Brightly Coloured Hair: The Fashion Blogger Way

Bored of your brunette Kate Middleton-esque waves? Maybe you’ve had enough of your blonde bob? We say maybe it’s time to refresh your hair do – and your outlook – and try something completely different. To give you some much-needed inspiration, we’re looking at some of our favourite eye-catching looks from some of the best online fashion bloggers: Zoe from the site Zoe London, Victoria from In the Frow, and Lily from the site Lily Melrose. The fashion bloggers – each of them in their twenties and hugely popular both on YouTube and in the blogging community – have a look all of their own. For Zoe (formerly of the fashion and beauty blog The London Lipgloss), no hair colour is too bright. She’s tried everything from red to blue to purple, more recently settling on a mermaid-like mix-up of green and blue. It’s a look that’s kept her in the spotlight, both in the blogging world and in her capacity as a London DJ. Of course, a look like this can be more difficult to maintain – but if you’re thinking of giving something new a go with a bold dye job, we can offer you all the advice … Continue reading

How to Maintain Gorgeously Healthy Coloured Hair

You’ve decided on the perfect colour to dye your hair on your next visit to Yazz No 1 Hair Salon, but we bet you’ve still got reservations. Are we right?! If you’re worrying about how to maintain your gorgeous new colour and still ensure your hair is healthy, don’t be! Keep these top tips in mind for maintaining your colour – and shine – and no one will ever know your hair isn’t naturally that shade. Unless, of course, you opt for lilac or bright blue! Read on… Don’t Drown Your Hair It’s true that coloured hair can sometimes feel dry and wiry after a dye job, but some quick and easy changes in your everyday hair routine will help renew your locks and keep in the colour and the shine. Did you know, then, that colour’s worst enemy is plain old water? According to recent research, as much as 80% of colour fade is caused by water alone – not shampooing or scrubbing the hair’s ends and roots. Why? Well, dye strips the hair of its outer lipid layer, which usually helps keep your ‘do feeling soft and smooth. When hair becomes more porous due to stripping as a … Continue reading