Leeds Tigi Colour Tour 2016


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The Tigi Colour Creative Tour came to Leeds on 14 March 2016. Salons from the North of England were invited to this one day event at Aspire,Leeds to see a presentation by Antony Mascolo and The Tigi Creative Team. Leeds Salons, Yazz Number One Hair Studio had a truly amazing day. Salon Owner Paul Shakeshaft and Trainee Stylist, Yasmin Ellis both attended this fabulous presentation.

Create Your Perfect Wedding Style at Yazz Hair

Great Lengths long hair wedding hair style suggestion

Getting Married this Year? Let us Create Your Perfect Wedding Style at Yazz Hair If you’ve been dreaming about the perfect wedding hair do, you’ll be pleased to discover our talented team of stylists here at Yazz No 1 Hair Studio can make it a reality. But don’t just take our word for it; why not first book in for a trial appointment and we can put together a number of looks based on your chosen style? Put yourself and your bridesmaids in the capable hands of our stylists at one of our three award-winning salons. Based in Rawdon, Yeadon or Guiseley, Leeds, the Yazz No 1 Hair Studio hair team are specialists in wedding hair and beauty. Whether you’re looking to transform your tresses into a vintage-inspired do, or you’d like to go for something much more contemporary, we can help. From traditional curls to poker straight locks, we’ll ensure you leave the salon feeling confident that we’ll create a winning style on the morning of your big day. Our Yazz Hair Academy-trained stylists (at our Yeadon salon) are ready and waiting to transform your hair from its everyday style into something even more stunning. Need some inspiration? Simply … Continue reading

Vroom, Vroom! Our New Yazz Cars Are Here!

The Shiny New Yazz Car coming to the Leeds area soon!

If you’re fortunate enough to live here in West Yorkshire (well, it is the best part of the country!), keep your eyes peeled for some very special vehicles. And no, we’re not talking about those Coca Cola trucks! We are, however, referring to an even more exciting sight: our Yazz branded cars. Our staff will be driving them around Rawdon, Guiseley and Yeadon – the home of our three Yazz Hair, Leeds premises – to ensure we’re in everyone’s minds in the run up to Christmas. You won’t miss our silver minis, too; with a super shiny sheen, they’re as glossy as your hair will be when you leave one of our salons between now and December 25! And if you’re looking to ensure you’re party-ready for the office do, make your appointment at one of our salons – we’re booking up fast. From our handy dry bar to the full blown Yazz experience, we’ll ensure you’re looking your very best in time for the Christmas party, or ahead of Santa’s long-awaited visit. If you’re heading to the office Christmas party but you’re short on time, why not ask us about our dry bar here at the Yazz salons? Simply … Continue reading

Men’s Hair: Summer’s Hottest Looks

When it comes to Men’s hair, generally one or two trends seem to dominate. This year, however, there appear to be no hard or fast rules as to what constitutes cool in the world of hair. Women are sporting everything from candy-coloured highlights, while anything from slicked-back 50s dos, to almost Jedward-like voluminous volume seems to be the in style for men. Of course, here at Yazz Hair we think you should only ever wear the style you feel most comfortable sporting; it’s not about following the trends, but embracing the looks that work for you. That said, if you’re looking for some inspiration, read on… The Retro ‘Swide Sweep’ – Here at Yazz No 1 Hair Studio, we style both men and women’s hair and we see a lot of cool hair dos from behind our hairdressing chair. One that seems to be popular at the moment is the TOWIE-esque side-swept, almost retro hair style. It’s a classic men’s hairstyle that’s been updated for 2015; the key here is to add a little hair product, but not too much. It’s an easy look to create and when done well, it’ll stay put all day. Plus, it exudes traditional male … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Fishtail Plait Hair: A How-to Guide

Fleur de Force sports fishtail plait

While it may look elaborate, a fishtail plait isn’t actually that much harder to create than a standard one. Taking just minutes to create, once you know what you’re doing you’ll be plaiting your hair ‘til your heart’s content. Tools-wise, all you’ll need is a hair brush, a hair band and possibly a can of hairspray – although not essential. A favourite of YouTube beauty bloggers like Fleur De Force and Zoella, it’s a simple look that once in place requires little maintenance – simply plait and go. Here’s what to do: Step 1 – Start by dividing your hair into two large sections, parting it straight down the middle and holding tight in each hand. Step 2 – Next, pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the right section (now, this might be easier to get the hang of if you watch this YouTube tutorial – although Fleur has gone for a twisted variation on the look, you’ll still find it simple to follow), before pulling it over to the inside of the right section. If you want a tight plait, take even strands from each side. If, however, you’d like a messier, more tousled look, … Continue reading

Will You Suit a Bob? Ways to Wear the Look

Since the striking black bob Uma Thurman sported in Pulp Fiction some years ago, the style has taken centre stage in terms of fashion-forward hair looks. While the bob doesn’t always suit everyone, there’s certainly a way you can try the style without looking like you’ve endured the awful bowl cut of the 70s and 80s. Here’s some of our favourite looks of the last few years:   The Wob – The ‘wob’ (or wavy bob) has been all over the fashion magazines for some time now – and we reckon Jennifer Lawrence and her glamorous hairdo has something to do with it. Of course, this only works if your hair’s naturally curly. Otherwise, it’s going to take a lot of time with the curling tongs each morning before work. But in all, the wob offers a cool, effortless way to wear the look. After all, a sharp bob can often look too harsh against certain face shapes. The wob, however, is a style that works for most people. Fancy giving it a go yourself? Pick up the phone to us here at Yazz No 1 Hair Studio, Leeds and book in for a consultation. The Long Bob – If … Continue reading

Yazz Hair and Beauty Prom Package

Calling all prom girls……… Leeds based hair salon, Yazz Number One Hair Studio at Rawdon,are offering a fantastic prom package with our amazing Beauty Therapist and our Creative Hair Stylists. In one stop package you get: – Shellac Manicure – St Tropez Brush Tan – Party Hair or Hair Up These treatments would usually cost £72 if booked separately, but while the offer lasts you can get the whole package for £50! To Book just print out the voucher and bring it in to the Yazz Hair and Beauty salon in Rawdon, Leeds on 0113 250 4511 Otherwise just ring for an appointment and quote “Prom Package”

The 1970s Are Back: How to Rock the Look

Get the 1970s Debbie Harry look with Yazz Number One, North Leeds

If you’re a fan of the good old, figure-flattering maxi dress you may well know that – along with platform shoes and vibrant make-up – it too originated from the 1970s. But another iconic trend stems from the era of funky pop music, too – and that’s huge hair. And like all good trends from yesteryear, it’s back! We’ve seen a revival of the 60s bob and 80s curls, but now it’s time for voluminous hair to have its moment in the spotlight again. To celebrate all things 70s, we’ve put together our favourite looks from the era that you can either try in the comfort of your own home, or here at Yazz No 1 Hair Studio, Leeds. The Centre Parting – It may seem a bit old school, but that’s because it is. The centre parting made its mark back in the 1970s, during that hippy, bohemian period where everyone who was anyone was heading to Glasto to spend the weekend in a tent. For you, it’s simple to create the look – and it works best on longer hair. Simply comb into position and away you go. Note: it looks much better when paired with loose waves. … Continue reading

Ombre Hair: How to Care for It

Care for your ombre hair with Yazz Number One Hair Salon, North Leeds

When you’re ready for a new hairstyle, there’s a tendency to book in for an appointment without thinking of the bigger picture. The fact is, you want a new look and you want it as soon as possible. You’ve no doubt spent hours scouring the newsagent’s fashion and hair magazines for inspiration – and you probably even spent longer in the salon chair. But did you consider the after care? Many styles – particularly those that have been coloured and chemically-treated – need quite a bit of attention, not just during your Yazz No 1 Hair, Leeds visit, but long after too. And if you’re one of the many fashion-forward ladies (or gents!) out there who’ve opted to go ombre, you’ll know it takes more than just a good conditioner to keep your locks looking great. With that in mind, here’s our top after care tips to ensure your ombre hair looks as glossy as it did the day you left the salon. 1. Wash Hair Less Frequently – Washing your hair too often – whether it’s been ombred or not – can strip it of its natural, moisturising oils. Try instead to get into the habit of washing it … Continue reading

Yazz Academy students working on colour correction


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Another great day today in the Yazz Academy. Students working on colour correction using creative techniques and formulas to create unique colour choices. Also delivering advanced creative cutting techniques and for students to understand the importance of their partings and sections elevation distribution. Some great results today Well done