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Pedicures and Manicure Nail Treatments from Yazz Beauty

The perfect preparation and sparkle packages to make you feel and look beautiful. We have two spacial offer packages for holiday, wedding, special occasions, or just because you feel like it! Prep and Prime Package Get trimmed with this waxing special offer. Half A Leg Wax Eyebrow Shape Eyebrow Tint Eyelash Tint Bikini Wax Only £50.00 (Usually £60) Summer Sparkle Package Give those fingers and feet a treat with this nail and spray tan offer! Shellac File and Tidy Hands Shellac Tidy Feet St Tropez Spray Tan Eyelash Tint Only £65.00 (Usually £77.00) Gift vouchers also available. Call Yazz Beauty today and book your appointment: 34 New Road Side, Rawdon, Leeds, LS19 6HN Tel: 0113 2504511

Hen Do Hair at Yazz: Simple Styles You’ll Love

Easy Party and Hen Do Hair Style suggestions

These days, hen dos are rarely straightforward. No longer is a meal down the local curry house or a pint at the pub acceptable, with pre-wedding nights out getting more and more elaborate. From weekends away here in Blighty to a full seven days’ holiday abroad, who knows where your friend and her hens will want to go. So what do you do with your hair if you’ve been invited to a hen do? Here at Yazz Number One Hair Salon, Leeds, we’ve got you covered. From elegant afternoon tea to full-blown night out, we’ll see you right with some of our favourite – and easy to create – hair styles. Read on… The Daytime Do – Often, the night out is kicked to the touch in favour of a daytime do. The bride-to-be might opt to go to the races, or even to a fun workshop or dance class. It’s becoming more popular on hens’ agendas to book in for something silly or quirky, like a life-drawing class or a workshop involving all manner of crafts. So, how do you style your hair for a daytime do like this? Thankfully, our hair Leeds team is full of great ideas. … Continue reading

Hair Trends: Biggest Summer Styles

Summer Styles - Inspatational hairstyles for summer

Hair Trends: Biggest  Summer Styles Ready for new summer styles? There’s no better time to try something different! just around the corner, you’ll want to freshen your locks and perhaps have a good trim before the warmer weather comes our way. Now’s is a good time to go lighter. Brighter, warmer days mean most of us are ready to say goodbye to darker hair for another six months or so and instead embrace a colour which really lifts the complexion. So, what are some of spring/summer’s biggest trends in the world of hair? We’ve compiled a few of them in this handy blog to give you some much needed inspiration ahead of your next hair Leeds salon visit. Lovely Layers – According to Harper’s Bazaar, layers are still very much in. But less the Jennifer Anniston feather cut of yesteryear and more the Jennifer Lawrence-esque ‘piecey’ layer of 2016. It’s shorter for one – and choppier. And our hair Leeds team here at Yazz say it’s relatively easy for anyone to pull off. Why not chat to the stylists at Yazz about whether this is the look for you? The Blunt Bob – Another popular look we noted from the … Continue reading

Summer-ready Hair? Here’s How to Get It!

Yazz Compertition winners go to Barbados 2016

Summer’s on the way and by now you’ve probably already begun thinking about where to spend a week away. But whether you’re planning on staying put here in the UK or jetting off somewhere exotic, it’s a good idea to take note of our top tips for perfect summer-ready hair. The fact is, just like the sun can cause damage to your skin, it can also wreak havoc on your usually glossy hair, too. But here at Yazz Number 1 Hair Salon Leeds, we’re helping you enjoy gorgeously soft hair all summer long. Our staff at our hair Leeds salons are waiting to get you booked in, but in the meantime, take a look at our top tips… Condition, Condition, Condition! Everything from the sun’s rays to the pool’s chlorine can turn your locks into a dry, straggly mess. So what do you do? As soon as you get back to your beach bungalow or hotel, wash the salt water and chlorine from your hair and leave a good conditioning treatment on the roots and ends. If you like, you can even go to bed in it; just wrap your hair in a towel before you do; no one wants … Continue reading

The Beach is Back: Get Summer-ready with TIGI!

Tigi Bead Head Totally beechin limited edition beach skin care products

It might not even be Easter quite yet, but here at Yazz No 1 Hair Salon, Leeds, we’ve got a beach bronzed summer on our minds already! And it’s all thanks to some brand new products from TIGI, available to buy here in our salons. Bed Head by TIGI is ‘going back to the beach’ with its range of specially-formulated hair products. From ‘Beach Freak’ detangling spray to after sun shampoo and conditioners that are just perfect for reviving tired, sun-soaked locks, Bed Head will restore hair to its former glory. Some of the Yazz stylists packed the products in their bags ahead of their recent team Barbados trip, as they wouldn’t be without this fab range during high temperatures. he brand’s summer collection includes the ‘Totally Beachin’ Cleansing Jelly Shampoo and the ‘Totally Beachin’ After-sun Conditioner, both of them essentials for your suitcase this year. The shampoo helps get rid of sweat, sea and sand to reveal sun-kissed strands in all their soft and shiny glory, while the conditioner will treat sun-damaged hair in no time. Leaving your hairdo mermaid-soft and ready to hit the nightclubs, this conditioner is available in a 200ml bottle which means it’s bound to last … Continue reading

Men’s Hair: Summer’s Hottest Looks

When it comes to Men’s hair, generally one or two trends seem to dominate. This year, however, there appear to be no hard or fast rules as to what constitutes cool in the world of hair. Women are sporting everything from candy-coloured highlights, while anything from slicked-back 50s dos, to almost Jedward-like voluminous volume seems to be the in style for men. Of course, here at Yazz Hair we think you should only ever wear the style you feel most comfortable sporting; it’s not about following the trends, but embracing the looks that work for you. That said, if you’re looking for some inspiration, read on… The Retro ‘Swide Sweep’ – Here at Yazz No 1 Hair Studio, we style both men and women’s hair and we see a lot of cool hair dos from behind our hairdressing chair. One that seems to be popular at the moment is the TOWIE-esque side-swept, almost retro hair style. It’s a classic men’s hairstyle that’s been updated for 2015; the key here is to add a little hair product, but not too much. It’s an easy look to create and when done well, it’ll stay put all day. Plus, it exudes traditional male … Continue reading

Beauty Tips for May 2015

I thought I’d write some tips for getting ready for summer…. Summer is a wonderful time of year, but the sun and heat can take a toll on your skin, hair, and body. That doesn’t mean you should stay indoors — with a little care and a few precautions, you can enjoy summer to its fullest. Tips for beautiful summer skin.. 1) Have a St Tropez spray tan Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are very damaging, especially UVA rays. They not only burn your skin and cause premature aging, but can also lead to skin cancer. So, instead of lying for hours in the sun, get that sun kissed glow with a St Tropez spray tan at £20…£10 for your first tan at Yazz beauty, 2) Slather on Sunscreen Many dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. The Skin Cancer Foundation points out that tests demonstrated SPF 30 products block out only 4 percent more rays — 97 percent compared to 93 percent for SPF 15. So know that you’re getting more protection with SPF 30, but not double the amount of SPF 15.Here at Yazz beauty we recommend using Dermalogica … Continue reading

Simple Styles for Summer: How to Protect Your Hair on the Beach

With the sun coming out, we bet you’re suddenly more excited for your summer break then ever. There’s certainly something about the promise of lighter – and warmer – evenings that makes us all just want to head down to the local beer garden and enjoy what little bit of sun we might be treated to. And with the sun very much in mind, today on the Yazz Hair Leeds blog we’re bringing you some simple yet stylish ways to protect your hair from harsh UV rays this year. After all, if you’re planning a break – at home or abroad – it’s important you think about much more than just sun cream. Here’s what else you should think about packing: A good, wide-brimmed sun hat We know how it is when you go on holiday; it’s far too hot – and damaging for the hair – to think about hair straighteners, but you still want to ensure your hair looks great on the beach and in the bars. So a good, wide-brimmed hat is all you really need – just pop it on your head and go! Or why not try tousled waves by lightly towel-drying wet hair, before … Continue reading

Want Beach-ready Hair? Start Now for Glossy Holiday Locks

Booked your summer holiday yet? We’re so excited about the prospect of a week or two away in the summer that we’re even tempted to start packing our bags already! Joking aside though, that week of sun, sea and sand that you’ve booked for June or July will be here a lot quicker than you think. So, with the countdown to your summer hols now on, it’s time to start the pampering early to ensure you look your very best on the beach this year. Before you even consider how many bikinis you’ll be packing, or what shade of lipstick will complement your beach bag, think for a minute or two how great you feel when your hair’s looking shiny and healthy. It’s an unbeatable feeling, isn’t it? We all know that the harsh effects of the sun, followed by a dip or two in the salty sea, can wreak absolute havoc on our tresses. So here’s what you can do now to give your hair a fighting chance of battling the high temperatures this summer… 1. Give Your Hair a Rest – We’ve talked a lot on this hair Leeds blog recently about laying off the heated styling tools … Continue reading