Beauty Tips for May 2015

I thought I’d write some tips for getting ready for summer…. Summer is a wonderful time of year, but the sun and heat can take a toll on your skin, hair, and body. That doesn’t mean you should stay indoors — with a little care and a few precautions, you can enjoy summer to its fullest. Tips for beautiful summer skin.. 1) Have a St Tropez spray tan Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are very damaging, especially UVA rays. They not only burn your skin and cause premature aging, but can also lead to skin cancer. So, instead of lying for hours in the sun, get that sun kissed glow with a St Tropez spray tan at £20…£10 for your first tan at Yazz beauty, 2) Slather on Sunscreen Many dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. The Skin Cancer Foundation points out that tests demonstrated SPF 30 products block out only 4 percent more rays — 97 percent compared to 93 percent for SPF 15. So know that you’re getting more protection with SPF 30, but not double the amount of SPF 15.Here at Yazz beauty we recommend using Dermalogica … Continue reading

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – The Best Celeb Hair Transformations

If the recent Oscars and BRITS award shows are anything to go by, one thing’s for certain where celebs are concerned: they don’t stick with the same hair style for long. And who can blame them when they have top hair stylists at their fingertips? When the paps are out in force ready to snap celebs’ pictures each and every day, it’s no wonder they do their best to keep up with new trends. So to celebrate the ever-changing hair looks of some of our favourite stars, we’re bringing you three key looks you might want to try for yourself this year. Good Girl Gone Bobbed Ah Rihanna, she’s tried everything when it comes to her hair – and she hasn’t put a foot wrong yet in the style stakes. From her short crop to her striking red locks, there’s no look that doesn’t suit Rihanna. She’s tried her hair long and feminine and given the pixie cut a go – but we say her sharp bob (from her Umberella-ella-ella days) was her best ‘do so far. What do you think, were you a fan too? When you have gorgeous good looks like Rihanna though, you really can get away … Continue reading

Beauty Tips for April 2015

1)CHILL OUT – If your eye and lip pencils are really soft, leave them in the fridge for about an hour before you sharpen them—the less creamy they are, the less waste there is. 2)MAKE DRY SHAMPOO YOUR SECRET WEAPON – Sleep with your hair divided into two loose buns, secured with a scrunchie, to keep my strands smooth. For adding volume in the morning, Tigi..’oh bee hive’ dry shampoo,the powder soaks up excess oils and adds lift to roots. 3)MIST REGULARLY FOR HYDRATING – Keep a hydrating, alcohol-free toner in your handbag,Dermalogica hydramist spray, and spritz it on for dewy skin in a flash. 4)DEFINE WITH SELF TANNER – My best friend is St. Tropez Gradual Tan for the face. I’ll use a pea-size drop, focusing on the hollows of my cheeks for a subtle contouring effect and amazing glow. 5)DON’T TOSS THAT FACE CREAM – If a moisturizer you splurged on is too heavy for your face, relegate it to foot duty! Slather it on heels before bed and you’ll wake up so soft.

Looking After Your Hairdo on a Budget: Top Tips

Can’t afford a cut every six weeks? While just over a month is the recommended waiting time between trims, you don’t always have to ensure you visit the salon that often. It’s all about keeping an eye on the condition of your hair and deciding for yourself if you think it needs tidying up. Of course, if you’re growing out your hair, having a regular trim may be less of a priority. Maintaining a pixie crop or short bob, however, requires a frequent visit to our hair Leeds salons. But we do realise that many of our clients are on a budget, meaning it just isn’t possible to make a regular trip out of going to the salon. What we suggest in this instance, then, is keeping an eye here on both the Yazz No 1 Hair Studio blog or hitting ‘Like’ over on our Facebook page. It’s here that you’ll find not-to-be-missed promos, offers and deals on your next hair cut, because everyone likes to save some money on essentials like this. In the meantime, though, there are plenty of ways you can look after your hair without spending much money. The easiest change you can make to your … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Up Dos: Our Top Hairstyle Tips

If you know a few couples tying the knot this summer, the chances are you’ll have already received the invites. While June and July may seem a long way off, they will be here before you know it – and there’s no harm at all in planning your outfit, make-up and hairstyle now. After all, it’ll save you the hassle – and the money – later on. The outfit’s usually the easy part; you spy a dress you like online or after walking past your favourite shop, you try it on and voilà – sorted! The hairstyle and make-up, however, takes a little more thought. First, you’ve to consider if your chosen up do will actually complement the dress you’ve chosen. And will it work with the make-up, too? Don’t worry! Why not visit our hair Leeds salons in either Rawdon, Yeadon or Guiseley and we’ll talk you through some styles that’ll work with every outfit? Here, we round up a few of our favourite up do hairstyles our team here at Yazz No 1 Hair Studio can create for you – and a couple of even easier ones you may be able to recreate yourself at home. The Halo … Continue reading

Spring Beauty Tips for March 2015

March is here and spring has started! So here are some spring beauty tips to add some spring in to your beauty! 1) To prevent ingrown nails, trim toenails straight across, not down into the corners. 2) Don’t touch your face unnecessarily. Breakouts can be caused by your own fingers. 3) Beautiful skin starts from within. Include lots of vegetables, fruit and water in your diet. 4) What works for your face works for your hands. Remove age spots with facial brightening cream. 5) The fast way to remove nail polish: Hold cotton saturated with polish remover firmly on your nail for a few seconds to let it start working, then wipe nail clean.

The Best Looks from the BRITS: The Last 20 Years

So, did you catch last night’s the BRITs? Like all good award shows, it wasn’t without a jaw-dropping moment. That’s right; our jaws most certainly hit the floor, as did poor Madge when she took a tumble down the stage stairs. Good on the Material Girl singer though, she got straight back up and carried on, didn’t she?! But it got us thinking of some of the stand-out moments – and looks – from the awards show that celebrates Great British musical talent. And of course, some of the best hair styles from the last 20 years, too – enjoy! Who could forget the Spice Girls’ performance of 1997 – and who can believe it was almost two decades ago?! It saw Geri sport a history-making dress made out of a tea towel and Posh don a bikini top – we hope it wasn’t too chilly on stage, Vic! Ginger’s ‘Spicy’ Do – 1997 While the looks were certainly memorable, what about the hair ‘dos? Of course, Victoria wowed with her trademark 90s long bob, while Geri showed off a ginger-meets-blonde-highlights look. We can’t imagine anyone rocking the striking style today, but it stood out back then. How many of … Continue reading

Want Beach-ready Hair? Start Now for Glossy Holiday Locks

Booked your summer holiday yet? We’re so excited about the prospect of a week or two away in the summer that we’re even tempted to start packing our bags already! Joking aside though, that week of sun, sea and sand that you’ve booked for June or July will be here a lot quicker than you think. So, with the countdown to your summer hols now on, it’s time to start the pampering early to ensure you look your very best on the beach this year. Before you even consider how many bikinis you’ll be packing, or what shade of lipstick will complement your beach bag, think for a minute or two how great you feel when your hair’s looking shiny and healthy. It’s an unbeatable feeling, isn’t it? We all know that the harsh effects of the sun, followed by a dip or two in the salty sea, can wreak absolute havoc on our tresses. So here’s what you can do now to give your hair a fighting chance of battling the high temperatures this summer… 1. Give Your Hair a Rest – We’ve talked a lot on this hair Leeds blog recently about laying off the heated styling tools … Continue reading

Beauty Tips for February 2015

5 WAYS TO DAZZLE YOUR VALENTINE 1) Create a glow. For a lit-from-within radiance,apply a liquid highlighter under your foundation, ‘The combo lets just enough shimmer through for a natural-looking glow’ 2) Deepen your blush. Re-create a first-date flush by using a cheek colour that’s one shade darker than your everyday hue ‘Blush should be more dramatic for evenings,especially if you’ll be in a dimly lit place’ 3)Colour in the lines. Give tired eyes a lift at the end of a long day with a plum or green liner, ‘Their blue undertones make the White of your eyes pop so you look fresh & awake,black only accentuates under eye circles. 4)Hold the hairspray. Nothing is a bigger turn off than helmet head, ‘You want your hair to be touchably soft,even if it means a few strands are out of place’ So skip hairspray and use a finishing cream to smooth strands and add shine or better still book a blow dry at Yazz hair for perfect valentines hair. 5) Keep lips kissable. Ditch the intimidating red lipstick and aim for soft,natural looking lips. ‘Choose a soft-pink or berry hue no more than 2 shades darker than your lip colour.’