Easy Party and Hen Do Hair Style suggestions

Hen Do Hair at Yazz: Simple Styles You’ll Love

Easy Party and Hen Do Hair Style suggestionsThese days, hen dos are rarely straightforward. No longer is a meal down the local curry house or a pint at the pub acceptable, with pre-wedding nights out getting more and more elaborate. From weekends away here in Blighty to a full seven days’ holiday abroad, who knows where your friend and her hens will want to go.
So what do you do with your hair if you’ve been invited to a hen do? Here at Yazz Number One Hair Salon, Leeds, we’ve got you covered. From elegant afternoon tea to full-blown night out, we’ll see you right with some of our favourite – and easy to create – hair styles. Read on…

The Daytime Do – Often, the night out is kicked to the touch in favour of a daytime do. The bride-to-be might opt to go to the races, or even to a fun workshop or dance class. It’s becoming more popular on hens’ agendas to book in for something silly or quirky, like a life-drawing class or a workshop involving all manner of crafts.

So, how do you style your hair for a daytime do like this? Thankfully, our hair Leeds team is full of great ideas. But for starters, here’s a couple: if you’re off to the races, for example, you’ll want a hair style that’ll keep the hair out of your face. In that case, how about a simple halo braid up do?
Similarly, if you’ve signed up for a daytime workshop or class, a simple top knot will do it – and they’re so easy to create, too. Take a look online for some handy hints, or head over to YouTube for some video-based tutorials.

The Afternoon Tea – Okay, so technically this falls into the category above, but eating small sandwiches and sipping tea has become so popular we think it deserves a section of its own. What do you say?
If you’re going to be drinking Earl Grey, get your pinkie finger poised! You won’t want your hair loose around your shoulders – hair + jam and cream is not a good look. So instead, why not try an oh-so-elegant low bun? It’s ladylike, chic and it’ll work for the evening do as well – result!

The Meal and Club – Now, this is the time to go all-out. Break out the curling tongs and add some serious volume to your hair! In fact, why not let the hair Leeds team at one of our three salons do the hard work for you? Simply get booked in and we can transform your hair in mere minutes.

You might fancy a blow dry or big bouncy curls, but whatever you’re after we can have you looking perfect in time for that long-awaited hen do. Did you know, in our Rawdon salon we also have an in-house beautician who can get you party-ready with all manner of treatments?

Why not book in for a spray tan, pedicure or manicure with your blow dry or hair up do ahead of your friend’s hen night?