Summer Beauty With Yazz Beauty, Rawdon, Leeds.

June 2016 Beauty Tips

Summer Beauty With Yazz Beauty, Rawdon, Leeds.This month we have some Summer Beauty Tips that will help you looking your best! Charlotte our Beauty Therapist tells you how to prolong your spray tan…………

  • After having a spray tan make sure you take the time to exfoliate each time you have showered to stop it from fading, keeping your skin smooth and moisturised will make your tan last a lot longer.
  • Always use an SPF to prevent ageing on the skin especially in the winter, the skin has less melanin in the winter so is more susceptible to UV damage.
  • Remember to always clean your make-up brushes to prevent breakouts as they spread bacteria, baby shampoo and tea tree oil will gently but effectively clean your brushes killing any bacteria.
  • Try exfoliating your lips twice a week with lip balm mixed with sugar to increase the circulation keeping them soft and plump.
  • When applying eye shadow prime your eyelids with concealer first to intensify the colour of your shadow and give it a solid base to stick to.