Half Up Half Down hair up ideas from Yazz Leeds

Simple Up Dos for Spring Wedding Hair Style

Have you been invited to a wedding this spring? What with buying a present and booking accommodation and travel, you’ve got enough to think about without worrying about your, hair do too.

So, make things simple for yourself and go for an up do. Once your hair’s done, it’ll stay looking great all day – which is exactly what you want when you’re going to be on and off the dance floor.

To help you out, we’re sharing with you some super simple up dos anyone can try. Read on…

The Side Bun

A little bit Princess Leia, a LOT cool; this side bun is an ideal choice for that spring wedding – or even the races.

It’s fairly simple to create; sweep your hair to one side (it won’t work so well if your hair’s layered), pull into a high, side ponytail and hairspray like mad! Now, simply twist around to create a bun and secure in place with a pretty grip or slide. Love this? We know we do!

Side Bun Hair Up Idea from Yazz LeedsThe Half Up, Half Down Look

So, this one isn’t technically an up do, but if you pull a strand or two from either side of your head, clip it back and add a boho floral crown or head piece, it’ll still look great. It might be in the middle of up and down but it’ll be formal enough without being too fussy.

Plus, this look can be worn for almost any occasion you have in your calendar this year – give it a go. Or call our team here at Yazz Number One Hair Salon Leeds and we’ll give it a go for you.

Half Up Half Down hair up ideas from Yazz LeedsThe High Bun

You’ve tried the side bun, why not give the more traditional high bun a go? You can do this with a pair of old, rolled up socks (click the link to see the full YouTube tutorial) and big can of hairspray. It’s so easy to do you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before now.

For a fun twist on the high bun, pull some strands out, 90s style, to create a messier, boho effect. Think about adding a huge flower to the front or side of your new do, too, for added effect. You could go for drab, straight hair to statement do in just a few minutes with any one of these up dos – try them ahead of your event and you’ll be able to perfect it by the time that big wedding rolls around.

High Bun hair up idea fron Yazz LeedsWhat’s your favourite up do? Do you try them regularly or do you need a little help?

Want to try an up-do ahead of that big event? Pop into one of our three salons – in Rawdon, Guiseley or Yeadon – and we’ll try out a few styles for you. Our stylists can recommend the best look for you, as well as suggest products that would work well with the style you’ve opted for. Do not hesitate to pop in and try something new today.