A team of 12 young hairdressers were carefully selected from hair salons across the United Kingdom to work with the TIGI International Creative team, under the leadership of Anthony Mascolo, TIGI International Creative Director, and Nick Irwin European Creative Director.

Zoe of Yazz Number One Hair Studios in Rawdon, Leeds, was selected to be part of this TIGI Inspirational Youth Team.

The TIGI Creative Team spent six months working with Zoe and the other 11 artistic stylists from across the United Kingdom.

The Inspirational Youth Team members were chosen and trained by TIGI, to shape them into becoming future stars of the British Hairdressing Industry.

Over the six months Zoe worked with professional models on cutting, styling and casting. Zoe was also involved in a photo shoot working closely with the TIGI International Director Anthony Mascolo, 3 times British hairdressing of the year!

Zoe, said, “TIGI Inspirational Youth has been an amazing journey, one I could have only dreamt of. To be given this fantastic opportunity to work with some of the best Hairdressers in the world has been phenomenal. The inspiration, creativity and vision have been electric.”

As part of their mission, Zoe and the other young Hairdressers stars of the future showcased their work live on stage in front of 1500 UK Hairdressers at the recent Salon International Show at Excel Exhibition Center in London.

What an amazing opportunity for young creative Hairdresser from Rawdon, Leeds!!

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