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It has been an amazing year for Yazz Number One Hair Studio and 2012 represents the first year of The Face of Yazz. A modelling competition to find 2 models, one male and one female to become the proud representatives of the Yazz brand.

The journey begins. Contestants were invited to register in February. An interview and short photoshoot took place to find our 6 Finalists.

Photographs were posted on facebook and our website and voting began.

Our 6 finalists attended photoshoots, a meal at China Red Chinese, a Gym Session with personal trainer Steve, at LA Fitness in Yeadon. Their hair has been restyled and coloured by Yazz Number One Hair Studios and they have been prepped for the final catwalk show .

Our winners were chosen on 5th May 2012 at the Face of Yazz Final and Catwalk Show, held at LA Fitness, Haworth Lane, Yeadon. Four regional judges were invited along to cast their winning votes.

Michael Sutcliffe and Hannah Burnell are the winners and face an exciting year ahead. As local ambassadors for Yazz Number One hair studio, Michael and Hannah will be representing us locally, as well as attending photoshoots, exhibitions and competitions.

A million miles apart for Michael! Who would have believed 6 months ago that Michael Sutcliffe, of Bradford Road, Otley, former squadi would win the Face of Yazz 2012 and is now a proud embassador of the Yazz brand. Michael, only 22 years old, has already fought for his country. Based in Helmand Provence, Afghanistan, for 7 months and the Falklands for 2 months. He was also a cold stream guard at Buckingham Palace in London. Michael is currently working for a local charity.

Hannah Burnell, of Stretton Avenue, Meanwood, on the otherhand, has always strived to be in the limelight. As a child, Hannah regularly attended a local dance school and her love was entering dance competitions. She was also a child model, as well as tv extra, appearing in My Parents are Aliens, A Touch of Frost, and Emmerdale. Hannah 17, currently attends Yorkshire College of Beauty, and works part time.

Hannah Burnell and Michael Sutcliffe are both looking forward to 2012 and representing the Yazz brand.

A personal statement from Paul Shakeshaft, Salon Owner “The Face of Yazz has been a great success. I am very proud of Hannah and Michael and would like to pass on my congratulations to them both. The Face of Yazz 2012 will be an incredible journey for all of us and I am looking forward to carrying this on next year when we will do it all again!”

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