December 2014 Beauty Tips

Here are some great beauty tips for this December!

1) Refuel with petrol
Nails might be taking a back seat this autumn,but there’s one shade shining through the sea of nudes. Petrol blue, not to be confused with tea, is as glam as is flattering. Embrace this rich, luxurious colour now and give classic berry shades the season off.

2) Your daily green juice can wreak havoc with your teeth. Fruits and vegetables contain acids that, when drunk as a juice,can cause damage.if you’re a regular juicer, drink it through a straw, rinse with water afterwards and don’t brush your teeth for at least 30minutes.

3) Step away from the screen
More than 20% of us check our work emails the moment we wake up and continue to do so after we’ve left work for the day-right up until bedtime,according to a new study. No wonder we’re wired, tired and struggle to sleep. Put.That.Phone.Down!

4) Left the lid off a gel eyeliner and it’s dried out? Use a couple of drops of contact lens solution to soften it up!

5) Feeling dreadful? Recovery tea
Ginger helps settle the stomach,while cinnamon stabilises blood sugar.
To a cup of boiled water,add the juice of half a lemon, one teaspoon of honey, and half a teaspoon of cinnamon or grated ginger.

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