The Rise of the ‘Wob’

Why is the Wavy Bob So Popular?

Wavy Bob hairstyleWhat do Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and Beyonce have in common, aside from stunning good looks and truck-loads of industry awards? They’ve each rocked the ‘wob’ – the brand new wavy version of the classic bob!

Trendsetters in the hair world say it’s the hottest new cut since the ‘lob’ (the long bob) – and there’s good reason for that. Why? It works for most people and against most face shapes. It’s such a sought-after look, in fact, that a recent article about the wob over on The Daily Mail website received over 500 shares via social media.

And here at Yazz Number 1 Hair Salon, we can help you achieve a Hollywood-inspired wob for less. It’s what plenty of our customers have been asking for since the brand new cut hit the celebrity scene some months ago, and we’ve been putting smiles on our clients’ faces since.

In that very Daily Mail piece, celeb hairdresser Julien Farel explained just why the wavy hairstyle (which can be worn short or slightly longer for maximum impact) is popular. He told the MailOnline in the recent article: “There is a lot of sexy short hair on the red carpet now and I really adore it because it’s such a modern take on femininity.”

Working at one of the best hairdressers Leeds has to offer, Yazz stylists will create a winning new look to see you through 2015 and beyond. Give us a call at any one of our three Leeds salons and we’ll do the rest!

So, just why is the wob so popular? First, it’s so easy to grow out if you later decide you want a change. If you opt to wear this style a little longer, it won’t be too much time before you can tie it up once again. It’s also still long enough that you can choose to wear it differently each day, tying it up in a half up/half down style, or creating a half beehive. Of course, you can always dig out the straighteners, too, for a much sharper take on the look.

The wavy bob suits so many different face shapes, too, and it’s so easy to maintain. If your hair’s naturally curly, it’ll take little to no daily styling to ensure it looks fabulous for the day ahead. Likewise, if you decide you want to try it straight, you can iron out your waves with your trusty straighteners in mere minutes.

A truly low maintenance style which looks great in most people, the trend doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. Supermodel Karlie Kloss has also been seen sporting the style, as has actress Emma Stone.

It’s short hair but without the commitment, according to celebrity hair stylists – and what’s more appealing than that as we go into the warmer months?

Speak to the Yazz No 1 Hair Studio team today and we’ll get you booked in ready for your brand new look in 2015. Don’t fancy the wob? Give us a call and we’ll fill you in on some of the New Year’s other hot styles. We’re looking forward to chatting to you…

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