Want Beach-ready Hair? Start Now for Glossy Holiday Locks

Booked your summer holiday yet? We’re so excited about the prospect of a week or two away in the summer that we’re even tempted to start packing our bags already! Joking aside though, that week of sun, sea and sand that you’ve booked for June or July will be here a lot quicker than you think.

So, with the countdown to your summer hols now on, it’s time to start the pampering early to ensure you look your very best on the beach this year.

Before you even consider how many bikinis you’ll be packing, or what shade of lipstick will complement your beach bag, think for a minute or two how great you feel when your hair’s looking shiny and healthy. It’s an unbeatable feeling, isn’t it?

We all know that the harsh effects of the sun, followed by a dip or two in the salty sea, can wreak absolute havoc on our tresses. So here’s what you can do now to give your hair a fighting chance of battling the high temperatures this summer…

1. Give Your Hair a Rest – We’ve talked a lot on this hair Leeds blog recently about laying off the heated styling tools and just giving your hair a rest every now and then – and it’s with good reason. During your summer holiday, your locks are subject to UV rays seven days a week, so it really is a good idea to give your hair do the boost it deserves ahead of your break. Why not start by unplugging your straighteners as early as now, cutting down to using them just once or twice a week at the most? You’ll be amazed how much softer, smoother and healthier your hair feels in just a couple of weeks.

2. Avoid Over-styling Your Do – Too much brushing can actually make your hair prone to breakages, so try not to overdo it, if possible. Be aware that pulling your hair into a high, tight ponytail every day for a prolonged period of time may even make your ‘do appear thinner, while using heat on your hair will make it dry and hard to manage.

3. Invest in a Hat – There’s no time like the present to start looking for that must-have hair cover-up; start looking later and the chances are you won’t find anything you like and you’ll instead be forced to pack your suitcase without a hat. Don’t make that mistake – trust us, your hair will thank you for it! Instead, start the search early and pick out a hat for each and every day if you must – it’s the easiest way to protect your hair from the sun’s harmful rays. This will give you more time to actually enjoy your holiday and stop fretting about sun damage – result!

Want to book into one of our hair Leeds salons here at Yazz? Simply give us a call and book your nourishing conditioning treatment ahead of your holiday. It’ll ensure your hair’s looking healthy and feeling soft and silky before you board that plane.

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