The Best Looks from the BRITS: The Last 20 Years

So, did you catch last night’s the BRITs? Like all good award shows, it wasn’t without a jaw-dropping moment. That’s right; our jaws most certainly hit the floor, as did poor Madge when she took a tumble down the stage stairs. Good on the Material Girl singer though, she got straight back up and carried on, didn’t she?!

But it got us thinking of some of the stand-out moments – and looks – from the awards show that celebrates Great British musical talent. And of course, some of the best hair styles from the last 20 years, too – enjoy!

Who could forget the Spice Girls’ performance of 1997 – and who can believe it was almost two decades ago?! It saw Geri sport a history-making dress made out of a tea towel and Posh don a bikini top – we hope it wasn’t too chilly on stage, Vic!

Ginger’s ‘Spicy’ Do – 1997

Gingers Spicy Hair do 1997While the looks were certainly memorable, what about the hair ‘dos? Of course, Victoria wowed with her trademark 90s long bob, while Geri showed off a ginger-meets-blonde-highlights look. We can’t imagine anyone rocking the striking style today, but it stood out back then.

How many of you went to the hairdresser’s and requested the ‘Geri’, which featured blonde strands at the front complemented by an all-over red? The Spice Girls, we salute you!

Gaga’s Cotton Wool-esque Barnet – 2010

Gaga's crazy hair 2010

We can always rely on Gaga to turn up on the red carpet sporting an attention-grabbing look, and 2010 was no different. Wearing what can only be described as styled cotton wool on her head, Gaga looked striking in a similarly bizarre white dress.

While we wouldn’t recommend you turn up on your next big night out with a hair do like this (we reckon it’s quite a job to carry around!) we can certainly help you achieve more volume. Chat to us at Yazz Hair Leeds and we’ll give you some top tips for boosting fine tresses.

Ombre has been all over the magazines for years now, but Lily Allen certainly took the trend to the next level with this mermaid-inspired pony tail. Stepping onto the stage at last year’s BRITS, Lily’s neon hair worked well with her neutral make-up.

Lily Allen’s Neon Ombre Ponytail – 2014

Lily Alen's mermaid-inspired hair 2014We think this is a great look for Lily, who’s spent time away from the gigging scene more recently to concentrate on family life.

So, which looks caught your eye at this year’s BRITS? We loved Taylor Swift’s sharp long bob, as seen during her performance of Blank Space. We also thought model Cara Delevingne looked great on the red carpet, thanks to her feminine, tousled waves paired with cool black hat. What about you, were you a fan?

Can you think of a stand-out look you loved that we haven’t featured here? Let us know on your next visit to Yazz Hair Leeds. Maybe we can even recreate the look for you?

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