How to Maintain Gorgeously Healthy Coloured Hair

Tigi-Colour-Consultation-Workshop-Day-01You’ve decided on the perfect colour to dye your hair on your next visit to Yazz No 1 Hair Salon, but we bet you’ve still got reservations. Are we right?!

If you’re worrying about how to maintain your gorgeous new colour and still ensure your hair is healthy, don’t be! Keep these top tips in mind for maintaining your colour – and shine – and no one will ever know your hair isn’t naturally that shade. Unless, of course, you opt for lilac or bright blue! Read on…

Don’t Drown Your Hair

Tigi Catwalk Dry Shampoo It’s true that coloured hair can sometimes feel dry and wiry after a dye job, but some quick and easy changes in your everyday hair routine will help renew your locks and keep in the colour and the shine. Did you know, then, that colour’s worst enemy is plain old water?

According to recent research, as much as 80% of colour fade is caused by water alone – not shampooing or scrubbing the hair’s ends and roots. Why? Well, dye strips the hair of its outer lipid layer, which usually helps keep your ‘do feeling soft and smooth.

When hair becomes more porous due to stripping as a result of too much water, that’s when it starts to feel a bit drab. We know that you can’t really get by without washing your hair, but think about using a dry shampoo instead of always resulting in jumping in the shower. If you must wash your hair this way, simply avoid excessive rinsing, and stick to cooler or lukewarm water instead.

Stock Up on Colour-protecting Shampoo

If you’re keen to transform your hair with a brand new shade, just be mindful that it will need looking after – and your usual daily routine may need to alter a little. The key here is stocking up on good quality colour-protecting shampoo – our hair Leeds team at our three Yazz No 1 Hair Studio salons can help you choose the best products for you to encourage gorgeously soft and smooth hair.

Don’t Skip the Conditioner

Even if you have fine hair, it’s important you condition every time you shampoo – but just make sure you rinse in cooler water if you do skip the dry shampoo and instead choose this option. Always condition the longest part of your hair, as the tips can sometimes be years old and be prone to the most damage. Massage the conditioner in well and (if possible) leave it on for five to 10 minutes before rinsing.

If you really want to give your hair a treat, try a deep conditioning treatment. You can book in for one ahead of your next Yazz No 1 Hair Studio visit, and you’ll fast notice an improvement in the condition of your hair.

Don’t forget to give us a call at one of our hair Leeds salons and we’ll get you booked in for your new hair colour or deep conditioning treatment.

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