Face Shape & the Hair Style to Suit You

Rihanna-via-hairstylepopular-comWhen it comes to deciding on a brand new hair style, there’s a lot more to consider than cost. If you’re anything like most people, you probably also want to work out whether your chosen style is one that’s easy to maintain and, the most important factor of all, if it’ll suit you.

You may well have spotted Rihanna sporting that cool pixie crop, or lusted after Siena Miller’s boho waves, but the key here is if the same look will work for you, too.

Your face shape pretty much determines whether a style will look good. Of course, there are some styles that work for everyone, but others will have to be adapted a little here and there to suit the face of the person requesting the cut.

Here, we take a look at some of the most common face shapes and let you in on the hair styles that best work for them.

Oval Face

Got an oval-shaped face? Good news! Give yourself a pat on the back as just about any style should suit you. The most flattering styles for you, however, are any hair cuts with layers near your cheekbones, lips or chin. Remember Jennifer Anniston’s choppy, layered long hair? That kind of look will look perfect for you. Ask at our hair Leeds salons and we’ll determine the best ‘do for you.

Round Face

Abbey Yazz Stylist Rawdon SalonIf you’ve got an overly round face, the chances are you’d like to camouflage that roundness, rather than highlight it. The trick is to create the illusion of length, rather than roundness – and there are plenty of hairstyles that will help you do this. Long hair looks great on rounder faces as it helps lengthen the face.

Try a cut that falls a few inches below the chin, or anything slightly longer. Ask for a cut where the ends aren’t blunt or layered, and go for choppy layers; too-short layers will make your hair cut look dated and may even ensure your face looks rounder. Gentle waves may well be a look to go for, so keep this in mind as an option.

Chat to our hair Leeds stylists and they’ll talk you through the best cut for you.

Heart-shaped Face

Natalie-Portman-via-InStyleAlways fancied trying a fringe? If you have a heart-shaped face, you’ll look great with a long, side-swept fringe. Take a look at Reece Witherspoon; she has a heart-shaped face and her hair always looks stunning. A shoulder-length bob, long waves or even shorter hair will complement your face beautifully. However, be aware that a fringe cut too short won’t be a good look for you; take a look at a magazine or two to find the ideal style for you.

Long Face

Is your face longer than it is wide? Sounds like you’re in the long face category. But don’t panic, plenty of styles will suit you. The most flattering haircut for you is a shoulder length one, the perfect length being one that’s between your chin and shoulders. Try waves to add instant interest and to soften the face, and why not consider a fringe, too? A soft fringe will make your face appear shorter by covering up a large part of the forward; try a side-swept one or even a blunt one for maximum impact.

Want to discuss your next big hair style? Get in touch with Yazz No 1 Hair Studio today.

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