Beauty Tips for April 2015

1)CHILL OUT – If your eye and lip pencils are really soft, leave them in the fridge for about an hour before you sharpen them—the less creamy they are, the less waste there is.

2)MAKE DRY SHAMPOO YOUR SECRET WEAPON – Sleep with your hair divided into two loose buns, secured with a scrunchie, to keep my strands smooth. For adding volume in the morning, Tigi..’oh bee hive’ dry shampoo,the powder soaks up excess oils and adds lift to roots.

3)MIST REGULARLY FOR HYDRATING – Keep a hydrating, alcohol-free toner in your handbag,Dermalogica hydramist spray, and spritz it on for dewy skin in a flash.

4)DEFINE WITH SELF TANNER – My best friend is St. Tropez Gradual Tan for the face. I’ll use a pea-size drop, focusing on the hollows of my cheeks for a subtle contouring effect and amazing glow.

5)DON’T TOSS THAT FACE CREAM – If a moisturizer you splurged on is too heavy for your face, relegate it to foot duty! Slather it on heels before bed and you’ll wake up so soft.

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