Brightly Coloured Hair: The Fashion Blogger Way

Bored of your brunette Kate Middleton-esque waves? Maybe you’ve had enough of your blonde bob? We say maybe it’s time to refresh your hair do – and your outlook – and try something completely different.

To give you some much-needed inspiration, we’re looking at some of our favourite eye-catching looks from some of the best online fashion bloggers: Zoe from the site Zoe London, Victoria from In the Frow, and Lily from the site Lily Melrose. The fashion bloggers – each of them in their twenties and hugely popular both on YouTube and in the blogging community – have a look all of their own.

Zoe London of ZoeLondon.meFor Zoe (formerly of the fashion and beauty blog The London Lipgloss), no hair colour is too bright. She’s tried everything from red to blue to purple, more recently settling on a mermaid-like mix-up of green and blue. It’s a look that’s kept her in the spotlight, both in the blogging world and in her capacity as a London DJ.

Of course, a look like this can be more difficult to maintain – but if you’re thinking of giving something new a go with a bold dye job, we can offer you all the advice you need to keep your hair in top condition. It’s really all about avoiding heat (from hair dryers and straighteners, if possible) and conditioning regularly, particularly with nourishing deep conditioners. Ask at the salon next time you visit us here at Yazz Hair Leeds and we’d be more than happy to point you in the direction of our favourite products.

Lily Melrose's pink ombre hair cutAnother blogger who’s dabbled with bright hair is Lily of the site Lily Melrose. The absolute blogging queen of ombre (we’re pretty sure her blonde ombre sparked a million and one copy cats), Lily recently tried a pink ombre at-home dye job – with great results! Of course, we’re not suggesting you do the same; it’s always advisable to have a professional dye your hair, especially where lots of bleach is involved. But doesn’t her hair look great? We think it’s a cool look for someone who usually sports fairly simple blonde/brown waves.

Victoria from 'InTheFrontRow' blogAnd last but by no means least; let’s look at Victoria’s lovely locks. Blogging over at the site InTheFrontRow, Victoria’s pastel coloured hair looks lovely. She’s recently been spotted showing off her hair at London Fashion Week and it’s a look that really stood out amongst the hordes of attendees. Be aware though, that maintaining a colour like this takes time, effort and plenty of trips to the salon – but it’s certainly worth it if you’re looking to try something new.

What do you think of brightly-coloured hair like this? Fancy giving it a go? Of course, shades like this take better on lighter hair; the lighter your hair is naturally the better – as it’ll hold the colour more easily. But do feel free to give us a call and see if this look will work for you; we’re always happy to chat through your options here at Yazz Hair Leeds.

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  • Jess darlington says:

    My hair is a darkish brown (with quite a fair few split ends) i really want to either dye my hair black with green dip dye like kylie jenners hair or dye it black and have different coloured dreadlocks.

    Can you get permanent green hair dye? And is it possible to have green dip dye with black hair? And regarding the dreadlocks, do they split your hair badly? And would my hair ever go back to normal after?


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