Simple Styles for Summer: How to Protect Your Hair on the Beach

With the sun coming out, we bet you’re suddenly more excited for your summer break then ever. There’s certainly something about the promise of lighter – and warmer – evenings that makes us all just want to head down to the local beer garden and enjoy what little bit of sun we might be treated to.

And with the sun very much in mind, today on the Yazz Hair Leeds blog we’re bringing you some simple yet stylish ways to protect your hair from harsh UV rays this year. After all, if you’re planning a break – at home or abroad – it’s important you think about much more than just sun cream.

Here’s what else you should think about packing:

A good, wide-brimmed sun hat

Protect your hair from the sun with a wide brimmed hat this summerWe know how it is when you go on holiday; it’s far too hot – and damaging for the hair – to think about hair straighteners, but you still want to ensure your hair looks great on the beach and in the bars. So a good, wide-brimmed hat is all you really need – just pop it on your head and go!

Or why not try tousled waves by lightly towel-drying wet hair, before ‘messing it up’ slightly with your hands. Now, just leave it to dry naturally (not in the sun – it’s bad for your hair!) and cover with a hat. Don’t forget a little sun cream for your parting, too – you’ll be surprised how quickly it’ll burn.

Other quick and simple styles for the beach include the high pony tail (secure with a bright bow or some colourful hair bands), and the cute fishtail plait. There are plenty of videos available on YouTube which will help you nail some top beach-ready looks you can try before, during and after your hols.

Deep conditioning treatment

If you’ve exposed your hair to the sun, you’ll find it quickly becomes dry and unmanageable. So this is where the deep conditioning treatment comes in. Slather it on your locks in the shower and try to leave it on for a good ten minutes if possible, before rinsing in lukewarm water and gently towel drying.

Hair Bands & Grips

It pays to keep your look simple during the day, when the sun’s at its most powerful. Pack plenty of colourful hair bands and clips and scrape hair away from your face, adding a head scarf or hat to complete the look. A low bun works particularly well when paired with a wide-brimmed hat – why not give it a go this summer? Your hair will thank you for it when you return home – no dry, wiry locks here!

Want some more tips? Chat to our stylists at Yazz Hair and they’ll point you in the direction of the right products, as well as suggesting some more simple and stylish hair looks you can try.

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