Get the 1970s Debbie Harry look with Yazz Number One, North Leeds

The 1970s Are Back: How to Rock the Look

The 1970s are back - Get the Debbie Harry look with this classic midi style
Get the Debbie Harry look with this classic midi style (pic credit: GHD)

If you’re a fan of the good old, figure-flattering maxi dress you may well know that – along with platform shoes and vibrant make-up – it too originated from the 1970s. But another iconic trend stems from the era of funky pop music, too – and that’s huge hair.

And like all good trends from yesteryear, it’s back! We’ve seen a revival of the 60s bob and 80s curls, but now it’s time for voluminous hair to have its moment in the spotlight again. To celebrate all things 70s, we’ve put together our favourite looks from the era that you can either try in the comfort of your own home, or here at Yazz No 1 Hair Studio, Leeds.

The Centre Parting – It may seem a bit old school, but that’s because it is. The centre parting made its mark back in the 1970s, during that hippy, bohemian period where everyone who was anyone was heading to Glasto to spend the weekend in a tent. For you, it’s simple to create the look – and it works best on longer hair. Simply comb into position and away you go. Note: it looks much better when paired with loose waves.

Backcomb Grunge – For this look, hair is tied in a low, loose ponytail while the roots and crown of the hair is backcombed for a rocky, grungy look. While not strictly a style direct from the 70s, it looks great when teamed with bold clothes inspired by that era. Think wide-legged flares and busy printed tops for an edgy, 70s vibe.

The Choppy Fringe – Worn best by Blondie’s Debbie Harry, the choppy fringe looks great when paired with a mid-length style that just touches the shoulders. Work some product into it for a styled but natural hairdo that has a little bit of movement, but not too much. Feeling brave? Why not go blonde, too for the ultimate in 70s, Debbie Harry-inspired style?

The Straight Fringe – Got long hair? Try a super straight fringe for a cool and collected 70s do that’s bound to get you noticed. The best thing about this hair style is it’s so easy to create, especially if your hair’s naturally straight. Simply blow dry as normal and lay off the heated appliances. If you do decide to use the straightening irons, don’t overdo it – a too-straight fringe can look too harsh.

Want to give any of these styles a go? Perhaps you’d like to get your hair cut into a look fit for a 70s disco Queen? Trust us when we say it’s back in fashion – it’s just about picking the right style for your face shape. Whatever look you’re going for, we’ll help you create it. And don’t forget that flurry of summer weddings you’ve been invited to; stand out without upstaging the bride with a cool new look. Give us a call here at Yazz No 1 Hair Studio and we’ll do the rest.

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