Yazz Hairstyle tips for growing out a fringe

Growing Out a Fringe? Here’s What To Do…

Yazz Hairstyle tips for growing out a fringeWhile patience is most certainly a virtue, if you’re anything like many trend-conscious women you’ll get more than a little frustrated regarding the time it takes to grow out a simple fringe. It really is a dilemma: either you sit it out and endure clipping it away from your face until it grows out, or you ensure it looks great all the time by just having it cut back in again.

As we know how time-consuming it is to grow out the fringe you may well have had since school, we’ve put together our top tips for styling it until the time comes for you to go without.

Book in for Regular Trims – Trimming encourages healthy hair – and it’s true that a regular trim will help your hair grow faster in general. The trick here is not to have a huge length taken out of it; you’ll only be back to square one with a shorter fringe if you opt to do this. Instead, book into Yazz No 1 Hair Studio, Leeds and we’ll ensure we only take a little away at a time. This’ll keep hair looking great while still helping you towards your goal of a grown-out fringe.

Switch Partings – Are you a centre parting kinda gal? If so, switch instead to a side parting. Sweeping your fringe over to the side while it does its thing and grows out will ensure you don’t have that awful ‘hair-in-eyes’ scenario so many of us face when growing out a fringe. A few well-placed bobby pins should help, too.

Try a Top Knot – Is your fringe at that really awkward stage where it’s not quite long enough to be clipped to the side? Instead, pull your hair into a topknot and sweep your fringe off your forehead altogether, clipping it back in a kind of mini quiff fashion – easy eh? Failing that, go really old school with a cool thick hair band or a floral crown, which will help pull your fringe away from your face.

Opt for a Plait – Now, if your fringe is slightly longer but it’s sill not quite long enough to be fully grown out, try a simple plait twist and clip it back. A halo braid is another idea, too, as it’ll ensure your hair has that cute, boho vibe. No one will ever know you’re just trying to conceal your fringe – result!

In the meantime, keep your hair at its best, condition-wise, by using the right products to promote growth. You might even want to try some supplements, too – but always check with your doctor before trying anything new. A great diet will also help encourage hair growth, so ensure you get all the right vitamins and minerals, along with plenty of water to help hair on its way.

Looking for some more tips? Give our stylists here at Yazz No 1 Hair Studio, Leeds a ring and we’ll do our very best to guide you in the right direction in terms of product suggestions.

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