Fleur de Force sports fishtail plait

Quick and Easy Fishtail Plait Hair: A How-to Guide

Fleur de Force sports fishtail plaitWhile it may look elaborate, a fishtail plait isn’t actually that much harder to create than a standard one. Taking just minutes to create, once you know what you’re doing you’ll be plaiting your hair ‘til your heart’s content.

Tools-wise, all you’ll need is a hair brush, a hair band and possibly a can of hairspray – although not essential. A favourite of YouTube beauty bloggers like Fleur De Force and Zoella, it’s a simple look that once in place requires little maintenance – simply plait and go. Here’s what to do:

Step 1 – Start by dividing your hair into two large sections, parting it straight down the middle and holding tight in each hand.

Step 2 – Next, pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the right section (now, this might be easier to get the hang of if you watch this YouTube tutorial – although Fleur has gone for a twisted variation on the look, you’ll still find it simple to follow), before pulling it over to the inside of the right section. If you want a tight plait, take even strands from each side. If, however, you’d like a messier, more tousled look, grab uneven strands of hair for an ‘undone’ style.

Step 3 – Now, take a strand from the right side and pull it over to the left, before repeating the process with the left side. Keep going until your braid starts to resemble a fishtail plait. If you need a hand getting the hang of it, our stylists here at Yazz Hair Leeds will be happy to give you some tips.

Step 4 – Once you’ve continued to alternate the sides until you reach the bottom of the plait, simple secure with a hair bobble. For a slightly different version, why not try Fleur’s twisted braid (as seen in the video link above), or instead go for a half fishtail plait, stopping half way through and tying with a band.

Once secured with a hair bobble, your fishtail plait shouldn’t budge – that’s providing you’ve secured it properly and your hair doesn’t contain too many short layers. But for added hold, why not spray a touch of hairspray through the braid?

A pretty hairstyle for wearing on the beach this year, it can be taken out easily and quickly for loose waves at night. Instead, try plaiting it like this at night and take it out in the morning for a quick and easy work look.

Looking for some more tips? Just call into Yazz Number 1 Hair salon when you’re ready to book your next cut and colour and our stylists will be more than happy to recommend simple up dos to suit you. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Yazz Hair blog for more top tips, too.

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