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Autumn Essentials: Don’t Leave the House Without These…

Autumn Leaves from CanStockPhoto.comIn much the same way as we tend to update our wardrobe with the new season, many of us also overhaul our hair style. But whether you’ve gone for a brand new look or stuck with your trusted ‘do for a few months longer, there are a few fail-safe items you won’t want to neglect as we head into the cooler part of the year.

To help you get through the back end of the year while maintaining smooth, glossy locks, we’ve put together a handy guide to some seasonal must-haves everyone will want to keep close by. And whether you keep an ‘emergency hair kit’ in the glove box of your car, or you never fail to stash your weekend wash bag chockfull of essentials, here are a few items to consider:

A Good Quality Hair Oil – The great thing about hair oil is it can be applied so easily, either on-the-go or at home. They also tend to come in small bottles featuring pumps or nozzles, to allow simple application. Pop one in your handbag or car glove box and should you notice your ‘do is feeling a bit drab, simply spritz some on your hands and smooth through your locks. It’ll quickly add an unbeatable shine, as well as helping when it comes to the overall quality of your hair. Why not speak to us here at Yazz about some of the latest oil-based styling products? There’s regularly an offer on our hair care products, which means you can stock up for less!

Styling Mousse – Flyaway hair? It’s one of the biggest annoyances of autumn and winter weather. But you can prevent it with an extra-gloss wax or a good quality styling mousse. The aforementioned hair oil will work a treat too, so make sure you pop one in your handbag for easy peasy styling on the go – you can thank us later!

A Hat – Now you might be raising your eyebrows at this one, but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a good old beanie hat when the weather gets cold. Not only will it keep you warm and toasty, it’ll save your tresses from everything autumn and winter has to throw at them. Freezing temperatures equal dry, brittle hair, so make sure you use the right products and wrap up! A good deep conditioning treatment will also become your trusty in-shower companion during the colder months; slather it on liberally and leave on for as long as necessary as often as twice a week. It’ll restore your hair to its former glory, ensuring it’s shiny and more manageable throughout the back end of the year.

So there you have it – your handbag (or man bag!) essentials for the months ahead! Want some more tips? Give us a call here at Yazz and we’d be happy to offer you some recommendations based on your unique hair type. Plus, don’t forget to book in as soon as possible for a colour touch up or hair cut refresh; our diary quickly fills up during the festive season, in particular!

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