Yazz Compertition winners go to Barbados 2016

Yazz Hair on the beach in Barbados!

Yazz Staff win a week on the Beach March 2016 – What a prize!!

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Report by Jemma Leach, Manager Rawdon Salon.

The journey began back in October at the monthly staff meeting, with the announcement of an incentive that three staff members would have the fantastic opportunity to travel to Barbados in March 2016. All the staff members waited in anticipation of what the challenge would be to win this wonderful trip. The criteria was simple to be the lead member of staff in achieving various business goals within the Yazz brand.

The Christmas period was buzzing with gifts flying out from £5 to GHD Hairdryer and Styling Gift Sets. There is nothing like a competition to increase motivation between the excellent and creative Yazz team.

On Friday 8th January 2016 Paul Shakeshaft announced that the winners out of 30 members of staff were Alice, Senior Stylist, Rawdon Salon, Charlotte, Creative Director, Manager Guiseley Salon and Jemma, Creative Director, Manager Rawdon Salon. (Paul’s casual way of telling the girls was “Hello are your passports up to date? because you are coming to Barbados “). The girls just couldn’t believe they had won and felt extremely fortunate. Unfortunately due to circumstances Charlotte was unable to go with the other girls. Paul invited Lee White, from Reforma UK and L.W. Graphics Ltd., who has been such a support to Yazz with providing all the advertising, graphics and branding, to accompany the team to Barbados. Thanks to Lee the new Yazz cars and imagery are promoting the Yazz brand and helping the company to move forward in a competitive market.

The team flew out from Manchester Airport on Sunday 28th February and stayed at the beautiful Palm Paradise, Paynes Bay, St. James. It was in a beautiful setting, close to the famous Sandy Lane and The Cliff (the venue for the recent wedding of Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud). The accommodation and facilities were first rate and the extremely excited Yazz team couldn’t have been looked after any better.

The week was filled with Paul’s usual eccentric and lively itinerary, beginning with a visit to the popular Boatyard beach party, involving free drinks, rum, pier jumping and the most beautiful sunset. During the week the girls, Paul and Lee visited the most beautiful restaurants, hotels and bars seeing how the rich and famous live, including the wonderful Cliff Restaurant for cocktails.

Unfortunately Simon Cowell and Rhianna had just left as we arrived so we missed out on having a cocktail with them. We did however enjoy a wonderful evening at the famous Sandy Lane Hotel with a spectacular buffet (a long way from a Toby Carvery) including Sushi, Oyster, Lobster and the best Peking Duck and for dessert, Cheese cake to M&M’s.

The week past for too quickly and we flew back to UK on Sunday 6th March, suntanned with a hint of pink and with great memories of a lovely week.

Thank you Paul for such a wonderful opportunity and a holiday that will be remembered for many years to come. Hard work always reaps rewards and working for Yazz enables any member of staff access to the best training and benefits and be part of a successful team.

Are you heading for the beach this year? If you are remember to pack your Bed Head Beach kit!

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